Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wonder what to do when your flight gets delayed? Or you just happen to have an hour to spare before your flight? Airports are filled with interesting people and things. Read on to know more.

Browse a bookstore.

A bookstore is always a good place to drive away your boredom. Check out new books to read on your flight or some magazines to pass time. You can also strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler over these magazines and books.

Go people-watching.

Grab a cup of coffee. Observe people who walk by. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to distinguish their culture and personality too. Or just look around the vicinity for some quick laughs!

Let go of the past!

Most airports have a free Wi-Fi service. So hook up your laptop and delete those emails which have long since outlived their usefulness. Or else just research on the place you’re going to so that you’re not clueless from the moment you step out of the flight.

Last  minute shopping!

The best part about airports are the duty free zone.  Buy accessories, clothes, liqueur and perfumes at low prices.  A perfect place to get gifts for your loved ones!  And it is the best place to do some last minute shopping. A must-go spot at the airport!


Most airports are huge. So get a map and go exploring! Or else find out whether you’re entitled to use the VIP lounge and treat yourself to a sumptuous meal!

So here you go! Tell us about what you usually do at the airport! Leave comments! Cheers!

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