Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Things You Must Carry While Traveling.

Packing has always confused many travelers and they often tend to carry a lot more than they require. Airlines also have a maximum load of luggage which they allow and hence this leads to a frantic dumping of clothes and other articles to meet the limit. And after reaching the destination, a tiny but a very basic object is forgotten leading to pointless mental self-flagellation. To save yourself from all this unwanted stress and to enjoy your trip without pressure, we provide you with the 5 things to remember while traveling abroad.

1. Adapters and Converters
This is a thing which many people forget to carry and it is very frustrating too. Carry a universal adapter and a converter. A little research on the country you are traveling to will not hurt. Because most countries use different plugs for power outlets and the voltages differ too.

2. Spare phone
While the performance of your trusty and all-knowing smart phone is unrivaled, everyone will agree that battery life sucks. And being abroad will see you clicking photos of every corner that you travel to which in turn will result in a worse drain rate than it already has. So save yourself the trouble of hunting for telephone booths and scouting through your diary for numbers and keep a spare phone handy. Make sure you've already programmed all important numbers into it.
Hint: A spare phone should preferably be a simple and sturdy phone. We prefer the Samsung Marine or a low-end phone from Nokia.

3. Documents and Identity papers
Make sure you have all your necessary documents and identity papers with you in a safe place on your person. Scan all the documents and papers and have a copy of the folder in your email account so that you can print it out if you lose the originals. Register yourself with the Embassy in case they need to reach you in case of an emergency.
Hint: Keep a copy of your airline tickets too among other important things.

4. Medicines and Prescriptions
This may seem obvious but many travelers forget to carry this basic article. Some medicines may not be available in the country or place you plan to visit. Also carry your prescription if the drug you consume is a controlled-substance.

5. Credit Cards and Currency
Contact your credit card company before you embark on your travels and make sure your card hasn't maxed -out on its limit. Also call your bank to find out whether they provide you with currency of the country you plan to travel. Some banks also provide you with better deal than the foreign exchange outlets at airports.

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  1. This article is so crisp! Cannot not agree with these being the perfect essentials! :D