Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things to eat in Europe.

Switzerland is known for its cheeses and chocolates.  You must try the fondue which is a dish of bread dipped in a pot of melted cheese flavored with Kirsch and some spices. Also, Swiss chocolates are some of the freshest chocolates as they are produced and sold in the same day and they come in a wide array of flavors.

Belgian chocolates are known for their bitter taste and premium quality. The shell is molded and then filled with a wide range of flavors of the chocolatier’s choice. These can include rum, nuts, cream etc. Belgian chocolates cannot be remotely compared with Snickers or Mars or any other mass produced brand because they are a work of art.
Hot wood baked pizzas are a specialty of Italy. These pizzas come with a wide range of toppings.  A far cry from the regular Dominoes, these pizzas get their unique taste due to the freshly sourced ingredients and because of being baked in a wood-fueled oven than the electric one. This country is also famous for its pastas and mozzarella cheese.
France is known to be the capital of fine dining. French dishes are made with a passion and precision that is just not rivalled anywhere in the world. Soupe à l'oignon is the most famous of them all, with garlic, cheese and caramelized onions flowing in as one. A true delight.
Spain is known for its lively and vibrant food made of fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding areas. Paella is the most famous dish in Spain. It is basically a rice dish which is cooked with sea food and chicken. It can be had with a variety of combinations and toppings.

So here are the dishes and foodstuffs you must eat when you visit Europe. Please leave your comments and recommendations in the space below. Cheers!

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  1. I am definitely a foodie, who likes traveling. Whenever I am in different country or region, I make it imperative to eat the local cuisine. This post is definitely helpful!