Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things to do in Spain.

This summer escape into the sunny country of Spain. Spain tops the list of every aspiring traveler for its diversity in culture, activities and cuisines. So here’s a list of things you must experience in Spain. 


Mountain biking.
The region of Sierra Nevada is famous for its mountain biking trails. These precariously perched trails, which have the mountain wall on one side and a deep ravine on the other without railings, are sure to give the rush adrenaline junkies crave for! And the view is spellbinding with the land mass flowing into the horizon.

Bull fighting.
Bull fighting is one of the most famous spectator sports in Spain. The crowds watch in awe as the Matador stabs the bull through the heart. But sometimes it is the other way round. Sometimes the bull fight with such valor and passion, the crowd begs for its life to be spared.

The Costa del Sol is famous for its water sports. Surfing is especially recommended as the waves coming in from the Mediterranean Sea are lush and gentle so beginners can try their hand at it. Other water sports can be tried too. Or if water sports is not your cup of tea, you can just sun bathe on the clean beach and enjoy tasty snacks.

This fiery dance is an integral part of Spanish culture is usually spontaneous and hard to replicate.. Learn some moves from these dancers and you can move to the beat too. The music and beats are given by a guitar and the claps of the gentlemen accompanying the dancer.

Completing your trip to Spain without eating the paella is almost a criminal offence. This famous dish is rice cooked with spices and other kinds of meats. It can include anything from chicken to squids or pork. Though it originated from Valencia, it’s famous throughout Spain now. It’s interesting to note that paellas are made in different methods which vary from region to region and so are the combinations of ingredients.

Are you thrilled yet? Keep posted for more amazing things to do in exotic EspaƱa. Till then, amigos!

(To be continued)…

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