Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wonder what to do when your flight gets delayed? Or you just happen to have an hour to spare before your flight? Airports are filled with interesting people and things. Read on to know more.

Browse a bookstore.

A bookstore is always a good place to drive away your boredom. Check out new books to read on your flight or some magazines to pass time. You can also strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler over these magazines and books.

Go people-watching.

Grab a cup of coffee. Observe people who walk by. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to distinguish their culture and personality too. Or just look around the vicinity for some quick laughs!

Let go of the past!

Most airports have a free Wi-Fi service. So hook up your laptop and delete those emails which have long since outlived their usefulness. Or else just research on the place you’re going to so that you’re not clueless from the moment you step out of the flight.

Last  minute shopping!

The best part about airports are the duty free zone.  Buy accessories, clothes, liqueur and perfumes at low prices.  A perfect place to get gifts for your loved ones!  And it is the best place to do some last minute shopping. A must-go spot at the airport!


Most airports are huge. So get a map and go exploring! Or else find out whether you’re entitled to use the VIP lounge and treat yourself to a sumptuous meal!

So here you go! Tell us about what you usually do at the airport! Leave comments! Cheers!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things to eat in Europe.

Switzerland is known for its cheeses and chocolates.  You must try the fondue which is a dish of bread dipped in a pot of melted cheese flavored with Kirsch and some spices. Also, Swiss chocolates are some of the freshest chocolates as they are produced and sold in the same day and they come in a wide array of flavors.

Belgian chocolates are known for their bitter taste and premium quality. The shell is molded and then filled with a wide range of flavors of the chocolatier’s choice. These can include rum, nuts, cream etc. Belgian chocolates cannot be remotely compared with Snickers or Mars or any other mass produced brand because they are a work of art.
Hot wood baked pizzas are a specialty of Italy. These pizzas come with a wide range of toppings.  A far cry from the regular Dominoes, these pizzas get their unique taste due to the freshly sourced ingredients and because of being baked in a wood-fueled oven than the electric one. This country is also famous for its pastas and mozzarella cheese.
France is known to be the capital of fine dining. French dishes are made with a passion and precision that is just not rivalled anywhere in the world. Soupe à l'oignon is the most famous of them all, with garlic, cheese and caramelized onions flowing in as one. A true delight.
Spain is known for its lively and vibrant food made of fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding areas. Paella is the most famous dish in Spain. It is basically a rice dish which is cooked with sea food and chicken. It can be had with a variety of combinations and toppings.

So here are the dishes and foodstuffs you must eat when you visit Europe. Please leave your comments and recommendations in the space below. Cheers!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dos and Don’ts- Food etiquettes around the globe.

Ever get those weird looks from locals while you’re eating abroad? Wonder why that happens? Don’t know what you are doing wrong? Read on.
When in Japan, never stick your chop sticks into a bowl of rice, upright. This is symbolic to funerals and will not amuse your fellow diners. Also, tipping is considered insulting as your meal price already includes charges for service.

Never, ever use your hands to eat in Chile. Always use a knife and a fork. Even when you’re having French fries or burgers. The Chileans take their table manners very seriously.

Usually, any hand which is convenient to hold the fork is put in use. But in Europe, people holding the right hand are regarded with emotions ranging from curiosity to disgust. Also when in Russia, do not refuse a shot of vodka right in the morning when offered because it is considered equivalent to refusing to shake hands with the person.


In France, the bread basket is supposed to be eaten with the entrée and not as an appetizer itself. Also, do not frown as your fellow diners keep their bread on the table instead of the plate because it is customary to do so. And do not ask for French Fries, they did NOT originate from France.

Never turn around a fish you’re eating to get to the other part. It is considered to be bad luck in China. Just remove the bone to get to the other side or else leave it. Tipping here is a no-no too.

And always avoid discussing politics, religion and other controversial topics at the table. So there you go! Bon Appetit!
 Which country do you want to read about? Tell us! Leave your answers in the comments section!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Things to do in Spain- Part II

Here are some more things you must try out in Spain this summer!

Land Zorbing.
Land Zorbing is way cooler than its name suggests. Being locked in a plastic ball which rolls downhill at blinding speeds of up to 50 miles per hour is an amazing way to get your heart racing. Madrid is a good spot to indulge in this sport.

All I Pebre.
Eat this spicy dish of eels cooked in garlic and other spicies when you are in Valencia. Valencia is famous for dishes cooked with fresh ingredients sourced from the nearing areas. The seafood is just delicious here!

El Clasico.
Apart from bull fighting, football is the national sport of Spain. The ‘El Clasico’ is one of the most revered play-offs in this country. It is a nickname given to all games where the Spanish giants, F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid clash. The tension in the air is thick as these rivals clash!

Sangrada La Familia.
This cathedral is famous for its Gothic architecture. There isn’t a single wall which is not sculpted with figures telling stories to the viewer. The architect who originally planned this designed this cathedral was known for his dislike for straight lines.

  Thank you for reading! Tell us which places you would like to read about in the comments section! Cheers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things to do in Brazil.

Daydreaming about lying on a clean beach, sipping on a cool beer with a fantastic view of the horizon? Think no more! Brazil’s the perfect place for you. As you reach Brazil, you’ll realize that one can’t be sitting on the beach throughout the entire week. So, here’s a list of the things you must do in the Land of the Latinas.

Copacabana Beach.
Yes, it is as exotic as it sounds. Sip beer, sunbathe and try out a game of beach volleyball with the locals or a session of water sports. A must visit place during your trip to Brazil!

Christ the Redeemer.
This marble statue is one of the largest statues in the world. Perched dangerously on the top of the Corcovado mountain, it overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro. One of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Brazil is full of carnivals! Watch traditional dances and the spirit of the hot-blooded latinas! It’s a beautiful show of culture and arts! Don’t miss it!

Iguazu Falls.
The Iguazu Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in Brazil and Argentina. Catch the rainbow as clear as the sun! Don’t forget to carry your raincoats!

Chapada Diamantia National Park.
Movie fans? Adventure freaks? This spot covers it all. From stunning waterfalls to deep caves and dangerous species of animals like the anaconda and piranhas, it has it all! Be ready for some real thrills and chills!

 So, here are the things in Brazil you simply cannot miss! What are your favorite spots? Drop in a comment and tell us!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Shopaholic? This One's For You!

Imagine walking the streets of an absolutely different country, taking in all it has to offer and not being able to just have enough of it? Don’t you think one of the best things about travelling is the tons of shopping you can do? Sure a lot of people will recommend big malls and fancy streets to shop at but somewhere, the authenticity of a place dwells deep within the handicrafts and local markets that govern its small streets.

Here is our list of 5 places that should be on every shopaholic’s bucket list!

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, New York City-
This is one of the largest and busiest shopping hubs in all of the United States. Working every weekend all year round, Hell’s Kitchen Flea market makes it to be one of the most interesting and fun places to shop till you drop! If you’re a lover of classic vintage clothing and jewelry, this is right up your street!

Grand Covered Bazaar, Turkey-
Covering 65 streets with over 3300 shops, the Grand Covered Bazaar in Turkey is one of the most insane shopping destinations in the world. From the gold painted arches of the interiors to the beautiful tinted glass lamps that are its specialty, this place is also well known for the wonderful fabrics that are sold. This bazaar is known to be light on the wallet and its high quality products, making it a very popular choice amongst tourists.

Camden Lock, London-
This is the perfect place for the artistic soul who loves to experiment with new cuisines, drinks and quirky entrepreneurial ventures in creative fields. With its inception in 1972 the Camden Lock is open all year round and attracts a very eccentric group of youngsters, as its main audience. 

Porta Portese Flea Market, Italy-
This flea market in Italy is the perfect example of haggling, thus proving crazy bargaining to be a very respectable talent. With its informal and rough nature, this market is a fight for the toughest being all about who wins the cheapest deals at the end of the day. It is an experience in itself! As an important pointer, ensure the safety of your belongings at all times. 

Izmailovsky Souvenir Market, Moscow-
If you have an undying love for collecting antique pieces and souvenirs from the Soviet memorabilia, this is the place for you. Even if you don’t wish to shop, this market space has performers and dancers in abundance, along with a number of tiny cafes that can give you a breather! The specialty of this region is the beautiful hand painted matryoshka doll. 

Drop in a comment telling us of your experiences at flea markets and the crazy stuff you’ve shopped or come across.

So shop away! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things to do in Spain.

This summer escape into the sunny country of Spain. Spain tops the list of every aspiring traveler for its diversity in culture, activities and cuisines. So here’s a list of things you must experience in Spain. 


Mountain biking.
The region of Sierra Nevada is famous for its mountain biking trails. These precariously perched trails, which have the mountain wall on one side and a deep ravine on the other without railings, are sure to give the rush adrenaline junkies crave for! And the view is spellbinding with the land mass flowing into the horizon.

Bull fighting.
Bull fighting is one of the most famous spectator sports in Spain. The crowds watch in awe as the Matador stabs the bull through the heart. But sometimes it is the other way round. Sometimes the bull fight with such valor and passion, the crowd begs for its life to be spared.

The Costa del Sol is famous for its water sports. Surfing is especially recommended as the waves coming in from the Mediterranean Sea are lush and gentle so beginners can try their hand at it. Other water sports can be tried too. Or if water sports is not your cup of tea, you can just sun bathe on the clean beach and enjoy tasty snacks.

This fiery dance is an integral part of Spanish culture is usually spontaneous and hard to replicate.. Learn some moves from these dancers and you can move to the beat too. The music and beats are given by a guitar and the claps of the gentlemen accompanying the dancer.

Completing your trip to Spain without eating the paella is almost a criminal offence. This famous dish is rice cooked with spices and other kinds of meats. It can include anything from chicken to squids or pork. Though it originated from Valencia, it’s famous throughout Spain now. It’s interesting to note that paellas are made in different methods which vary from region to region and so are the combinations of ingredients.

Are you thrilled yet? Keep posted for more amazing things to do in exotic España. Till then, amigos!

(To be continued)…