Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dos and Don’ts- Food etiquettes around the globe.

Ever get those weird looks from locals while you’re eating abroad? Wonder why that happens? Don’t know what you are doing wrong? Read on.
When in Japan, never stick your chop sticks into a bowl of rice, upright. This is symbolic to funerals and will not amuse your fellow diners. Also, tipping is considered insulting as your meal price already includes charges for service.

Never, ever use your hands to eat in Chile. Always use a knife and a fork. Even when you’re having French fries or burgers. The Chileans take their table manners very seriously.

Usually, any hand which is convenient to hold the fork is put in use. But in Europe, people holding the right hand are regarded with emotions ranging from curiosity to disgust. Also when in Russia, do not refuse a shot of vodka right in the morning when offered because it is considered equivalent to refusing to shake hands with the person.


In France, the bread basket is supposed to be eaten with the entrée and not as an appetizer itself. Also, do not frown as your fellow diners keep their bread on the table instead of the plate because it is customary to do so. And do not ask for French Fries, they did NOT originate from France.

Never turn around a fish you’re eating to get to the other part. It is considered to be bad luck in China. Just remove the bone to get to the other side or else leave it. Tipping here is a no-no too.

And always avoid discussing politics, religion and other controversial topics at the table. So there you go! Bon Appetit!
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