Friday, April 11, 2014

Shopaholic? This One's For You!

Imagine walking the streets of an absolutely different country, taking in all it has to offer and not being able to just have enough of it? Don’t you think one of the best things about travelling is the tons of shopping you can do? Sure a lot of people will recommend big malls and fancy streets to shop at but somewhere, the authenticity of a place dwells deep within the handicrafts and local markets that govern its small streets.

Here is our list of 5 places that should be on every shopaholic’s bucket list!

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, New York City-
This is one of the largest and busiest shopping hubs in all of the United States. Working every weekend all year round, Hell’s Kitchen Flea market makes it to be one of the most interesting and fun places to shop till you drop! If you’re a lover of classic vintage clothing and jewelry, this is right up your street!

Grand Covered Bazaar, Turkey-
Covering 65 streets with over 3300 shops, the Grand Covered Bazaar in Turkey is one of the most insane shopping destinations in the world. From the gold painted arches of the interiors to the beautiful tinted glass lamps that are its specialty, this place is also well known for the wonderful fabrics that are sold. This bazaar is known to be light on the wallet and its high quality products, making it a very popular choice amongst tourists.

Camden Lock, London-
This is the perfect place for the artistic soul who loves to experiment with new cuisines, drinks and quirky entrepreneurial ventures in creative fields. With its inception in 1972 the Camden Lock is open all year round and attracts a very eccentric group of youngsters, as its main audience. 

Porta Portese Flea Market, Italy-
This flea market in Italy is the perfect example of haggling, thus proving crazy bargaining to be a very respectable talent. With its informal and rough nature, this market is a fight for the toughest being all about who wins the cheapest deals at the end of the day. It is an experience in itself! As an important pointer, ensure the safety of your belongings at all times. 

Izmailovsky Souvenir Market, Moscow-
If you have an undying love for collecting antique pieces and souvenirs from the Soviet memorabilia, this is the place for you. Even if you don’t wish to shop, this market space has performers and dancers in abundance, along with a number of tiny cafes that can give you a breather! The specialty of this region is the beautiful hand painted matryoshka doll. 

Drop in a comment telling us of your experiences at flea markets and the crazy stuff you’ve shopped or come across.

So shop away! 

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  1. Just spent two full days in Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand. It's the best spot for affordable fashion! ;)