Friday, April 18, 2014

Things to do in Spain- Part II

Here are some more things you must try out in Spain this summer!

Land Zorbing.
Land Zorbing is way cooler than its name suggests. Being locked in a plastic ball which rolls downhill at blinding speeds of up to 50 miles per hour is an amazing way to get your heart racing. Madrid is a good spot to indulge in this sport.

All I Pebre.
Eat this spicy dish of eels cooked in garlic and other spicies when you are in Valencia. Valencia is famous for dishes cooked with fresh ingredients sourced from the nearing areas. The seafood is just delicious here!

El Clasico.
Apart from bull fighting, football is the national sport of Spain. The ‘El Clasico’ is one of the most revered play-offs in this country. It is a nickname given to all games where the Spanish giants, F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid clash. The tension in the air is thick as these rivals clash!

Sangrada La Familia.
This cathedral is famous for its Gothic architecture. There isn’t a single wall which is not sculpted with figures telling stories to the viewer. The architect who originally planned this designed this cathedral was known for his dislike for straight lines.

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